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(James 5:8) You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

In the Amplified Classic Version of the Bible, our theme scripture for today is rendered as “So you also must be patient. Establish your hearts [strengthen and confirm them in the final certainty], for the coming of the Lord is very near.” If the Bible said the coming of the Lord is very near during the days of Apostle James, imagine how nearer it is today. The time is very short so don’t waste it. Do the work of an evangelist by spreading the good news about Jesus everywhere (2 Timothy 4:5). Be bold about the Gospel in these final days before the return of the Lord.

Jesus came as a sheep to save the world through His death on the cross in His first coming; but for His second coming, He will come as the Ultimate Judge (John 1:29; Revelation 20:11-13). And everybody will appear before His judgment seat to account for the way they lived their lives on this earth (2 Corinthians 5:10). Straighten up your life today. Accept the Lordship of Jesus over your life today and be free from eternal damnation (Matthew 25:41-46). The coming of the Lord is extremely near. Start praying now and ask the Holy Spirit to help you establish in your heart that Jesus is coming again. Halleluyah!

Confession: I am certain about the coming of the Lord Jesus. This truth is established in my heart forever. Because of this, I will not waste my time. I choose to do the work of an evangelist by spreading the message of Christ and His coming every day. On that day, I will be honored greatly. I am a Christian forever! Halleluyah!

Say this if you have never been born again. I declare from today that Jesus Christ is my Lord and I believe that God raised Him from the dead.


You can begin to attract God’s goodness into your life from today.

Prepared by Ps. Bernard and Team

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